Repair & Overhaul Management

Support for small and mid-size B737 Classic-Series operators

Save time and cost with AIE’s fully customized repair and overhaul solutions.

Planning of maintenance budgets and keeping time on the ground as short as possible are key issues for every commercial operator.

Our flexible component repair & overhaul management offers fast inspections & repairs, short downtimes, no in-house spare part stock and competitive pricing for component repair, overhaul and exchange.

Our services

As dealing with European or North American workshops is sometimes challenging, our Component Repair & Overhaul Management is customized for the needs of African operators. Either through an approved and recognized workshop in Johannesburg or by our European partner workshops, AIE is able to offer the complete range of repair & overhaul services. Locally. Worldwide.


Being located at Africa’s main hub, our logistics network allows for much lower shipping cost from and to overseas workshops than from any other part of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Brake Exchange Program for Boeing 737 Classic-Series: We are proud to announce that we have started a brake exchange program for operators located in the Southern African countries. Based on tailor-made agreements we offer significant cost advantages with regards to brake repair and overhaul.