Our Product Range

Aircraft Brake Parts

Being the exclusive distributor for Africa and the Middle East for Asia’s biggest PMA brake parts supplier, we are able to supply our clients with highest quality brake parts for very reasonable prices.


Carbon Brakes

Brake relining kits are available for:

  • Messier-Bugatti Airbus A318
  • Messier-Bugatti Airbus A319
  • Messier-Bugatti Airbus A320
  • ABS MD-90



Steel Alloy Brakes

Brake relining kits are available for:

  • Honeywell Boeing 737-200
  • Honeywell Boeing 737 Classic Series
  • Honeywell Boeing 737NG
  • Honeywell Boeing 767-2/300
  • Honeywell MD-82
  • BF Goodrich Boeing 737-6/700


We offer various options at most competitive prices on the continent:


Service Exchanges


Cost per Landing

  • Based on pro-rata contract

Outright sales of brakes and brake parts

Aircraft Tires

The use of re-treaded aircraft tires is a save and efficient way to decrease operational cost on a daily base.

All tires are professionally re-treaded by DUNLOP Aircraft Tyres and released with an EASA Form 1 authorised release certificate.


DUNLOP Re-Treaded Tires

Available dimensions for Boeing aircraft:

H40x14.5-19B737 Classic Main LG
H44.5×16.5-21B737 NG Main LG
27×7.75-15 B737 NG Nose LG
50×21.0-20B727 Main LG
32×11.50-15B727 Nose LG
Underwater Locator Beacon

With requirements for aircraft to meet more stringent FAA and EASA guidelines for underwater locator beacon operations, AIE responds with the Novega BLUE90: The 90 days underwater locating device, unbeatable in performance and price.


Tested to meet or exceed:

  • TSO-C121b
  • ETSO-C142a

Transport benefit:

  • Battery Lithium content less than 1 gram
  • Non-restricted for transport

Field replaceable battery


Major Modules

We can provide all listed major modules on preferred rates and conditions. APU’s and landing gears used on B737 Classic-Series are constantly kept on our shelves as stock items.



  • Allison 501/T56
  • CFM International CFM56-3 Series
  • Pratt & Whitney JT8D-1/17
  • Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 Series


  • Garrett GTCP85-129 Series
  • Sundstrand APS2000

Landing Gear for Boeing B737-200 and B737 Classic Series

  • In overhauled or serviceable condition
  • With life remaining
  • Including B2B records
Spare Parts

Airframe Material

  • We keep a lot of different airframe parts in stock and are continually adding parts to our inventory

Aircraft Batteries

  • We keep various types of Ni-Cd and Lead-Acid aircraft batteries in stock
  • All certified and ready for shipment

Avionics and Electrical Instrumentation

  • We carry a large inventory of avionics and electrical instrumentation
  • All items are in serviceable or overhauled condition, EASA or FAA certified

Signalization & Catering Equipment

All equipment offered:

  • is in serviceable condition
  • was removed from operating aircraft
  • comes with complete B2B history

Life Saving Equipment

Large serviceable inventory of

  • Escape slides
  • Life vests
  • Life rafts
  • Oxygen generators

We offer local equipment repair and cost-effective service exchanges


Hydraulic or Pneumatic Actuators & Screw Jacks

  • AIE offers a wide range of actuators and screw jacks
  • Maintained by a highly reputable workshop

Hardware, Bolts & Nuts

  • All relevant spares are available
Oils, Lubes & Hydraulic Fluids

A large inventory of quality oils, lubricants and hydraulic fluids is always available.


All products are packaged in full compliance with ATA Specification 300.