Consignment Stock

Local and international stock

Consignment Stock Johannesburg
  • AIE is not a parts broker, which helps us to keep our prices low.
  • Our extensive stock derives from associated AMO Nevergreen Aircraft, who carefully disassembles phased-out aircraft, and from various clients who want to expose their inventory.
  • Aviation safety derives from an uninterrupted flow of information. We personally know the sources of parts and appliances on our shelves, and their history.
  • The items we carry on our stock are either in serviceable or overhauled condition and ready for being shipped to operators, workshops and maintenance facilities, regionally and globally.
Consignment Stock Overseas
  • AIE cooperates with specialized, fully EASA or FAA certified workshops in the EU and the USA, to get parts and appliances repaired or overhauled at minimum turn around time and cost.
  • These global partnerships allow for even faster action on any request. Worldwide.
  • Being held on consignment stock, our fully EASA and FAA certified material is ready for worldwide shipment on very short notice.